STS Automation has worked with a variety of clients from both the public and private sector. In order to help you better understand how we help our clients, below we describe some our completed and ongoing projects.

Thunder Valley Casino Resort

STS Automation completed a project to upgrade the SCADA system for this facility’s waste water treatment plant. The project involved procurement of new hardware to replace the outdated hardware, performing Wonderware software upgrades, and replacing the existing SCADA alarm with Win911 and adding NAS back-up. A highlight of the project was consolidating three computers down to a single computer by virtualizing the system, which not only saved space but also time, energy, and money. The project was completed on time and within the specified budget.

Red Hawk Casino Resort

Currently, STS Automation maintains the SCADA system for the Red Hawk Casino Resort wastewater treatment plant, which is compromised of 4 desktop computers along with 2 servers. Maintaining the system involves monitoring log files, correcting SCADA-generated errors, verifying back up data, and working with operators to identify and resolve any issues with the SCADA system.

Amador County

This project involved upgrading the SCADA workstations and servers at five wastewater treatment plants that were spread out over a geographical area of almost 75 miles. Each plant had three servers—a primary server, a standby server, and a historian. The servers were set up to communicate via a secure network, and the historian at each location was configured to store data locally so that if one location were to go off-line, the data it records would be automatically transmitted to the central location when the connection was restored.

One of the big challenges that had to be overcome with this project was to make the older drivers used in the system work with the new software that was being installed. STS Automation was able to accomplish this and complete the project on schedule and on budget.

Recurrent Energy

For this project, STS Automation installed and configured a centralized Wonderware SCADA System on 4 project sites to monitor a solar power plant. The system was set up to take sensor readings and generate remote site alarms as well as transfer data to a centralized location for storage or report generation.

City of Sacramento

This ongoing project, in which STS Automation is working as a subcontractor for an engineering firm, involves helping the client transition from an older version of VT SCADA–one of the first renditions of the software, in fact–to the latest version.